Classy Canines


My name is Lori Gotts and I’m the owner of Classy Canines and I have been professionally grooming and caring for dogs for over 25 years in the Ann Arbor area. At Classy Canines I have a different philosophy than most grooming shops. I see my clients and their humans as members of my family and I treat them the way I’d want my family treated.

I  do my best to make grooming a fun and stress-free experience for your dog.Classy Cainine’s special touches include:

  • I get to know you, your dog, and your lifestyle in order to proivde the best grooming service for your pet.
  • I listen to my clients, so please tell me what YOU want. I can provide traditional breed cuts or a cut for your particular preferences or specifications.
  • I have experience with all breeds and sizes of dogs, from Chihuahua to Irish Wolfhound, and everything in between.
  • Unlike some shops, I LOVE to provide grooming for your large dog.
  • I have experience working with special needs dogs and will handle them with the gentleness they require and deserve.
  • I don’t lock your dogs away in cages. They get to roam around and play and socialize during their stay, which results in a much calmer and happier dog.
  • And most importantly, I LOVE dogs!

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Classy Canines